Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ski for Light 2009

This week marks the 34th Ski for Light, a program whose mission is "to teach blind, visually- and mobility-impaired adults how to cross-country ski, in an atmosphere that encourages participants to realize that the only true limitations that they face because of their disability are the limitations that they place on themselves."

Each year Ski for Light, Inc. conducts a week-long event where blind and mobility-impaired adults are taught the basics of cross-country skiing. The event attracts upwards of 300 participants and guides. The location of the event changes from year to year in an effort to spread the Ski for Light philosophy and idea to as many parts of the country as possible.This year's event is being held in Soldier's Hollow in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains of Utah.

During the Ski for Light week each disabled skier is paired for the entire week with an experienced, sighted, cross-country skier who acts as ski instructor and guide. The disabled person skis in tracks or grooves in the snow, while the guide skis in a parallel set of tracks. The guide offers instructional tips and suggestions, support and encouragement, and describes the countryside.

Sons of Norway has been a strong supporter of this week-long event for many years and now, for the first time, we can share this wonderful program with people around the world through the Sons of Norway blog! This week we will have a number of reports from none other than Eivind Heiberg, Sons of Norway Fraternal Director and sighted ski guide. I'm looking forward to it, and hope you will enjoy it as well.

Check back on Monday for the first post.

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