Sunday, February 1, 2009

Today in History: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Today, February 1st, is a date of note in Norwegian related history.

First, on this day in 1942 Vidkun Quisling was appointed Minister President of Norway by the country's Nazi occupiers. These were obviously dark times for Norway and its citizens. During the occupation and under Quisling's puppet government, Norwegian's were forced to either flee their beloved homeland or stay behind and face years of hardship. But the story has a happy ending because in October of 1945 Quisling was executed by firing squad at Askershus Fortress.

Next, on this date in 1946 Trygve Halvdan Lie, a Norwegian politician who was the Foreign Minister of Norway's exiled government during WWII, was appointed as the first Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Finally, on this day in 1977 I was born. I bet you are asking what that has to do with Norway, right? Not much, really, except that I am the great-grandson of two Norwegian immigrants who moved from central Norway to northern Minnesota.

Havea great weekend everyone!