Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Morning Wake Up

Today is the first Monday of the new year and I'm guessing some of us are still shaking off the remnants our last week's merry-making. That being so, I'm also guessing that the usual Monday morning cup of coffee isn't going to do the trick, like normal.

In times like these we must dig deep and find the one spark, which will ignite a great flame and bring the beauty of light to bare upon the darkness. Or, to put it more forthrightly, desperate times call for extreme measures.

So, to help kick-start your day, I bring you a video of what is becoming one of Norway's most popular sports, cliff gliders in flying suits (just trust me and watch the video). It's an amazing thing to see, but if anyone gets motion sickness you can send your dry cleaning and Dramamine bills to the attention of the Sons of Norway Fraternal Director (he's the one who supplied me with this awesome video).


MJ said...

Those people are NUTS!

Sons of Norway said...

Yes they are. But isn't nice to know there are people like that out there for our entertainment?

MJ said...

Yeah, entertaining, but E may be getting my dry cleaning bill. :)

Sons of Norway said...

I'll be sure and give him a heads-up.