Monday, January 19, 2009

Sons of Norway in the News: Sons of Norway a link to Scandinavian culture

I found a great news article about Sons of Norway this morning. It originally ran in the News-Press of Ft. Meyers, Florida. I tip my cap to the Scandia Lodge 3-617 President, Donald Rush and his lodge members, because they gave great interviews and covered the exact same points I often advise other lodges of when they are being interviewed by the media.

Rush and his lodge members hit on the important topics of:
  1. Sons of Norway is open to everyone, no matter whether they are of Norwegian descent or not. All we ask is that those who wish to be members share in our passion for Norwegian heritage and culture.

  2. Sons of Norway isn't just for men. In fact, it may surprise some to know that women make up roughly 52% of our members.

  3. Sons of Norway meetings aren't only about lodge business. Successful lodges incorporate a social component to all of their meetings.

  4. There are many benefits of membership. These include language and heritage camps, language lessons, genealogy guides, etc.

  5. We are an organization that is more than a century old; one that began with 18 members and now is nearly 70,000 strong.
If you or anyone else in your lodge are being interviewed, these five points will serve you well. And don't hesitate to call call Sons of Norway for tips on working with the media.

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