Thursday, December 18, 2008

Seasonal Notes

The moose are loose!
And in the ever popular elgnytt (moose news):
Watch where you drive! As the weather gets cold, moose wander near cars, wreaking havoc wherever they roam! Well, perhaps it’s not quite so dramatic, but one article states that 1,321 moose were killed in traffic accidents last year alone, with many more occurrences in the wintertime versus summertime.
Possible explanations? Tasty shrubs along roadways and the alluring salt on the roads. Either way, if you’re living or vacationing in Norway this over the next few months, watch for the kings (and queens) of the forest…

Santa, errr, Julenisse and Julebukk are coming to town
Who stops at your Norwegian-friendly home on Christmas? Does the julenisse beat Santa to the punch? Are you prepared for his visit?
Here are a few tips to working with the julenisse so he doesn’t play tricks on you:
• do leave the farm animals to his care – he’s supposed to guard them!
• don’t forget to leave him a bowl of porridge – yum!

If you want to write to the julebukk, who will come to your home, bearing gifts, or the julenisse, you can address notes to:
N-1440 Drøbak

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