Thursday, December 4, 2008

Getting to Know…District 7 International Director Erik Brochmann

The vivacious Erik Brochmann has been an upstanding Sons of Norway member since 1970. Currently hailing from Vancouver, Erik is doing a bang-up job as the International Director for District 7.

Q: What drew you to Sons of Norway?

A: When I got to Canada in 1970--the day after I arrived--I was approached by the field representative at that time, and he sold me insurance. That’s how I got involved, and I’ve been a member ever since, and I haven’t regretted it. It’s been a great 38 years.

Q: What positions have you held within the organization?

A: We’ll start with the beginning. Lodge: assistant social director counselor president oh, and financial secretary At the district level: publicity director vice president president And then international director!

Q: Which was your favorite? Why?

A: Well, I think the publicity director position was very interesting, but I don’t know if that was my favorite... I think the international director has been very interesting, it’s been a learning curve from day one. I think from a lodge level, it’s hard to see the whole perspective. We see, especially in Canada, the fraternal portion more than the business portion.

Q: How does District 7 differ from the other districts?

A: There is some difference – the insurance thing is the big difference – but apart from that we’re not really that different.

Q: Where are you from? What brought you to Canada?

A: I was born in Bergen, Norway. In 1970, I moved to Canada. I was actually at sea, sailing as an electrician on an ocean going vessel. The ship was called Vancouver and I was asked if I wanted a job with a shipping company there in Vancouver. We moved back to Norway, but we only lasted two years, two and a half… Then I was relocated to Savannah, GA. There was no lodge there, but I stayed connected to Sons of Norway.
After a few more moves, Erik and his wife, Veronica, and their children finally came back to Vancouver to settle in 1986.

Q: What’s your favorite Norwegian food?

A: Fårikål – lamb and cabbage – that’s the Norwegian national dish!

Q: Favorite Sons of Norway memory?

A: That’s a tough one…to be involved in putting on the international convention in 2006 was a great experience. The way the members got together and chipped in. It was a big undertaking when we decided to do this.

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