Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Norwegian Movie Night

As a new parent the option of going out on the town tonight is pretty much out of the question. That being the case, my wife and I are going to have a Norwegian movie marathon tonight. We've got Buddy, Insomnia and Sweetland, all courtesy of Sons of Norway's Media Lending Library!

Buddy is a story about the lives of three guys in an apartment who wind up on television, thanks to one of the guys' video diaries. The story shows the convoluted consequences of baring your inner thoughts to the masses and that only the discovery of true loyalty and redemptive friendship can make experience into something positive.

stars Stellan Skarsgård as a detective who has been sent to a town in Northern Norway, where he investigates the murder of a young girl. This movie is like film noir in reverse, because the movie is set during a time of year when the sun NEVER sets and the characters are forced to face the unfolding mystery in the harsh light of day.

Last of all, Sweetland is about a young German, named Inge Alltenburg, who travels to Minnesota in the 1920's to marry Olaf Torvik, a Norwiegan man who lives there. It is a story about Inge and Olaf not being allowed to marry due to there different citizenship's, and not being accepted because of the war with Germany. Over time she learns English and befriends Olaf, Frances, and Frances' family.

I can't wait to watch them all! And the best part is that it's all free because I am a Sons of Norway member. That's right, Sons of Norway has a complimentary lending library for its members that includes hundreds of music and video titles. It's a great member benefit for individuals and lodges. Check it out sometime if you've got a hankering for some Elling or Cool and Crazy.

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