Friday, December 12, 2008

Norwegian Population Hits Record High

This article from Dagbladet caught our attention this morning. According to new figures just released from Statistics Norway, by the end of the year there will be 4,801,100 people living in Norway, making a record high increase of 1.3% for the year. The net population increase for the year is estimated to be 63,900 people.

All of Norway’s counties have shown a population increase this year, the largest increases being in Oslo and Akershus with 15,516 and 9,363 persons respectively. In Rogaland the increase is expected to be 7,973 people while Hordaland will be up by 7,051. The lowest population growth is in Finnmark which will grow by only 36 people.

Nearly 30% of the population growth is the result of net births, while 70% comes from net migration from abroad. Two years ago net births accounted for 42% of the increase and migration 58%.

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L-Jay said...


There have also been comments in the papers that there is not enough housing to support the growth. Rent is skyrocketing and the housing industry can't build houses fast enough. And now that the 'financial crisis' is here many people are finding it hard to get accommodation at all.

(Last year in Tromsø students had to sleep in the university bunker until they found a place to saty!)

Palace Properties International, Inc. said...

This is indeed very interesting. I have a friend, Trygve Slåtto, from Halingdal, who is an owner-developer (byggmester) and I can only imagine how busy he may become with such a housing shortage. This is great compared to the high inventory levels, for instance, in Florida, Nevada and California. Best regards, Mark Palace

Anonymous said...

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