Saturday, August 2, 2008

Norwegian Experience Trip Day 10: Part 1

Today was Marcia's last day in Norway, but it was a busy one. She started out her day with a chauffeured ride through the country to the Hadeland Glassworks. Once there she went on a guided tour of the factory and museum.

About Hadeland: Founded in 1762, with production starting in 1765, the Hadeland Glassworks is widely recognized for its quality glass and creative artisans. However, that hasn't always been the case. Early on Norway didn't have the requisite craftsmen to create the glass pieces, so the Norwegian company was often required to recruit them from other countries, like Germany. Today, however, Hadeland's designers typically come from Norway.

After Marcia's tour of the Glassworks, she was invited to try her hand at blowing glass and creating a one-of-a-kind memento of her trip (hopefully she packed it well for her return trip)! Finally, there was some time for shopping, where Marcia got to use a 1,000 NOK gift certificate provided by Hadeland Glassworks.

The rest of Marcia's day was left to her and her companions to take a leisurely stroll, or do some last minute shopping before going home on Saturday.

Check back on Monday evening to learn more about the final days of her trip and how it feels to be home after the trip of a lifetime!

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