Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting Down to Business (with a little fun on top)

Yesterday was a great day for the delegates. After the great time that everyone had at the Opening Ceremonies and President's Reception, the delegates were ready to get down to the business at hand.

Delegates and Officers being seated at Convention

First there was the roll call of delegates and then some discussion from the delegation, followed by a Q & A where the delegates could pose questions to CEO John Lund and International President Ted Fosberg. It was a lively discussion with many great questions and comments from the floor. One of the most talked about topics was the possibility of starting a new lodge in Hawaii (which I'd be more than happy to go and help set up--just putting that out there).

Former D1 President, Jon Tehven, and delegates from District 1

Next there were some great reports from a few of the committees before the delegation broke for lunch.

After lunch the delegates were treated to an afternoon of educational breakout sessions. The sessions covered a varity of topics ranging from how to host a New Member Recruitment Dinner to a brainstorming session on lodge programming. Also, during one ofthe breakout sessions, Sons of Norway's newest publication, the Lodge Programming Resources Booklet, was debuted.

After that, many delegates were treated to some more fun at a private recruiter's reception that evening (check back later for more about this great event).

In the end, a great time was had by all and the day wrapped with delegates heading back to their rooms, or out for dinner in San Diego; their minds full of new information and their hearts brimming with anticiaption for the next day.

Check back later to read about the great Recruiter's Reception we had last night!

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