Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday: Getting Ready for the Convention

All day today the entire convention office was abuzz with activity. There were staffers unpacking boxes, officers preparing for their first meetings and committee members gettting down to business. It was quite exciting for everyone as we are looking forward to a very productive week.

In a couple of days all the delegates will be arriving and registering. Everything is ready for their arrival and there has been a great team assembled to help with the registration process. We all think the convention will be a very smooth operation and that everyone is going to have a great time.

Speaking of a great time, the host committee, HQ staff, Board officers and committee members all got together for a fine evening of fraternity at Tom Ham's lighthouse. Janie Kelly, District 6 President, said "It was a great night of fellowship with a beautiful view of the San Diego Harbor and skyline!"

I'd have to heartily agree with Janie. It was a great night of fun for everyone and a wonderful way to kick off the week!

Check back tomorrow for more information about what's happening at Convention Central!

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