Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Insiders Note 1

It turns out I have an insider on the delegate floor who is feeding me all sorts of great information! He/She will be providing me with some of the gossip and laughs from the convention, which I will be posting to share with you. It's just something more to help enhance your part of the convention experience.

Day 1:
San Diego by the bay is a great place for a convention. Fellow members and guests are having a great time and doing a lot of fun things. Speaking of which, members Roy B. and Ken J. went deep sea fishing during their down time and I've got pictures of their fine catch. Check it out below:

While Roy B. and Ken J. claim they were fishing for Barracuda, it looks to me like the biggest fish they caught were the ones in the bait bucket!

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Dave Danielson said...

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Dave Danielson