Friday, May 16, 2014

Norwegian Experience: Day 1.5

We just got an update from this year's Norwegian Experience winner, Candice Jacobson, that we thought we should share.

Words cannot express my feelings of being in Norway during such a memorable occasion.  

My day in Eidsvoll was spent touring the residence where the constitution was signed.  The park was very busy as many school children were there for field trips.  They were also busy preparing for Saturday's events.  The kings and queens from Norway; Sweden and Denmark will attend.  

We then drove to Lillihammer for the next two evenings.  Today we drove to Ringebu to connect with family and a tour of the Stave church.  The church was opened for us and the tour was done by a distant relative Einer Sperry.  The tour was very indepth and rich with history.  We then were taken to the family's farm and had a tour. We the toured the area and visited a local bakery for afternoon coffee.  

When we returned to Lillehammer we were met by our tour guide.  Our first stop was a Bunad Store where I purchased fabric to make my bunad.  We then toured the Olympic site and saw where the 94 down hill ski jumping occurred.  We also toured the museum of many restored Norwegian buildings including a stave church.  Tomorrow we head to Brambu to visit our grandfather's birthplace on our return to Oslo.  Thank you so much for this gift.

It sounds like Candice is having a great time! Be sure to keep checking back to learn all about her trip, which is sponsored by the great people at Borton Overseas!

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