Thursday, May 15, 2014

Norwegian Experience: Day 1

For today's post about Norwegian Experience winner, Candice Jacobson, and her first day of the trip we have some photos that she and her guest took while visiting Eidsvoll. As you'll see, this is already turning into a trip of a lifetime!

The freshly restored Eisdvoll 1814 house, site or Norway's independence from Sweden.

 The Eidsvoll grounds was a hive of activity with thousands of visitors. a special live TV broadcast from Eidsvoll will be made on Saturday evening, May 17th. Special guests will include the Kings and Queens of Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

 The gracious museum staff made special accommodation so Candice could participate in a one hour top-to-bottom tour of the mansion.  Candice, in blue jacket, listens to a curator describe this very room where Norway's independence from Sweden was signed. Those planning to visit Eidsvoll should reserve their tour well in advance. Tours in English are limited and all visitors are required to wear shoe covers and be escorted at all times.
 A cool breezy and cloudless day welcomed Candice to Norway and the start of her 'Norwegian Experience'.


 The village of Eidsvoll across from the 1814 Museum and Constitution Center.

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