Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bicentennial Celebrations

This month we celebrate Norway’s 200 years of independence. On May 17, 1814, 112 Eidsvollmen signed Norway’s Constitution at Eidsvoll. In February 2014, Eidsvoll House reopened after an extensive restoration.

As part of the grand reopening, NRK collaborated with Norwegian company Øyedrops and 3D designers to create a film that was projected onto Eidsvoll House. The images highlight Norway’s changing industry, politics and demography from 1814 to present day.

Visiting Eidsvoll House is the best way to experience a major piece of Norway’s history. Take a guided tour of the House and hear stories of the events that took place there in 1814. For groups of 10 or more, booking tickets in advance is recommended.

Check out the May issue of Viking for more on Norway’s bicentennial.

Anya Britzius is editor of Viking magazine. She lives in Minneapolis, Minn., and enjoys baking, reading and keeping up on modern Norwegian trends.

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