Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Norwegian Experience 2014

Once again, Sons of Norway and our Travel Sponsor, Borton Overseas, have awarded a complimentary trip to a Norwegian Experience Recruitment Contest winner! This year's winner is Candice Jacobsen from Minnesota, and she & her guest will spend the next couple of weeks traveling around Norway, reconnecting with their roots. Over the next week or so we will be posting interviews with the winner about her trip and the amazing experiences she is having.

To kick things off, Sons of Norway did a short interview in advance of her trip and here's what she had to say:

SofN: It looks like you have a great trip planned by Borton Overseas! Is there anything you are MOST looking forward to doing during your time in Norway?

CJ: I am very excited to be making this trip to Norway and am very thankful for all the Borton Overseas has done to make this possible. 

SofN: Have you ever been to Norway before?

CJ: I have never been to Norway but it has been a dream of mine for years.

SofN: What do feel is the most important thing people should know about Sons of Norway? 

CJ: I feel remembering our heritage and sharing that with people is so important.  Sons of Norway is a great way of learning about one's heritage from the organization itself and its members.  The benefits they offer its members is also very important and helps the organization stay strong.

SofN: Do you have family from or in Norway?

CJ: I will be spending time getting to know my second cousins on my grandmother's side and tracing my Norwegian Heritage on  my grandmother's and grandfather's side of the family.

SofN: Will you be connecting with your heritage while in Norway?

CJ: Arrangements have been made to visit the farms where grandmother's and grandfather's lived in Ringebu and Brandbu in Oppland. We will be celebrating our heritage and Norway's Bicentenary by visiting the Eidsvoll Museum and Cultural Center as well as attending Syttende Mai festivities in Oslo.

We'll keep up with Candice during her trip, so be sure to keep checking back throughout this week and next.

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