Friday, August 3, 2012

The Beginning is Nigh: Three Weeks to the International Lodge Meeting

I’m working from home today on account of the office being closed due to the Uptown Art Fair and my unwillingness to fight the traffic in order to get into the office.  But that’s not what makes today exciting. No, Sir (or Madam as the case may be). The reason that today is so exciting is that we are officially three weeks away from the opening of the International Lodge Meeting!

That’s right, on Friday, August 24, delegates from throughout Sons of Norway will come together to discuss the business of the organization. They’ll hear presentations from our CEO Eivind Heiberg, International President Dan Rude, Tubfrim Chair Gene Brandvold, and Joe Annotti, the President and CEO of the American Fraternal Alliance. Delegates will also discuss and vote on a full docket of resolutions and law changes that could have a major effect on Sons of Norway for years to come. This is an amazing event for everyone involved. If there’s any downside to this experience, IMHO, its one of scarcity. You see, it’s that typically only 150 or so delegates are elected and that the convention only happens every two years. Imagine for a minute if this were an event that was opened up to 10x or 100x as many members! And what if it occurred EVERY year? That would really be something see. But, again, that's just my opinion.

Either way, the convention is always an inspiring thing to be part of because I get to witness hundreds of members coming together in their dedication to our beloved organization. The delegates and guests should be acknowledged for all they do, because they give so much of themselves for this event. Many take vacation time from their jobs, pay out of pocket for their travel expenses, and bear the weight of making decisions that affect how Sons of Norway operates. For this reason alone, they are deserving of our utmost respect and support.

What’s even more inspiring is that many of the delegates have signed up to attend this year’s first-ever Sons of Norway Innovative Leadership Conference! What makes this so exciting is that hundreds of delegates and members are stepping up and saying “Yes! I want to learn how I can be a stronger leader and make a significant impact on my lodge and its efforts!” This is the kind of dedication that really makes me proud to be a Sons of Norway employee and excited to do everything in my power to support them.

If you feel like I do, then make sure you tell the delegates from your lodge, zone or district so. They have a weighty role to fill and will definitely appreciate your encouragement.

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