Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sons of Norway Speaks About Healthy Lifestyles with Prevention Magazine

About a month ago I recieved a call from a freelance writer who was working on an article for Prevention Magazine's website, She was looking to speak to someone about Norway's reputation for being a healthy, active country. It sounded like a real interesting piece, which would be tied-in with Olympic coverage, so we jumped at the opportunity! It was a great fit because Sons of Norway is all about healthy lifestyles (Sports Medal Program anyone?) and believe that being active makes for a fuller, more robust life. 

After having to be patient and wait for the article to be published, I'm finally able to share it with everyone! The writer interviewed our very own Fraternal Director, Linda Pederson, for the piece and I think she did a great job! You can check out the full article and slideshow by clicking here or you can follow this link to the section devoted to Norway.

It's a very interesting read, which I think everyone will enjoy!

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