Saturday, August 25, 2012

International Convention Day 1: Recap

Yesterday was very exciting! The delegates were full of vigor and ready to dive in and start the 2012 International Convention. Its days like this that keep my batteries charged because I really draw a lot of energy from those around me. Yesterday was no exception.
As the people began to fill the convention hall it was great to see delegates shaking hands, hugging, making new friendships and renewing old ones. This is really what Sons of Norway is all about and it was a great show of fraternalism.
Over the course of the day there were a number of reports given, including the joint presentation given by International President Dan Rude and CEO Eivind Heiberg, as well as a rousing presentation given by Joe Annotti, the President and CEO of the American Fraternal Alliance. The reason I mention these specifically is because both were very focused on vision of the future for Sons of Norway and the entire fraternal industry.
I think they both really helped set the tone for the convention and set some lofty goals for the delegates and members throughout Sons of Norway. Really, isn’t that what a convention is for? To engender a strong vision for what we want the organization to be for future generations? I sure think it is.
We wrapped up the morning with a presentation from our new Tubfrim Director and our International Youth Director. They both gave some great speeches about their plans for the future and how Sons of Norway can play a role in what they do.

After that, we all adjourned to a wonderful lunch planned by the host committee from Kringen Lodge and then went back into session to hear a very nice presentation given by Linda M. on behalf one of our sponsors, Borton Overseas. It was really informative for our delegates to learn about all the different packages and planning services Borton offers, as well as the 5% discount they offer to our members.

The day ended with nominations and acceptance speeches for the next International Board of Directors. We heard from Marit Kristiansen (nominee for President), Audun Gythfeldt, Ernst Granley and Ralph Peterson (Nominees for VP), Barbara Berntsen, Jon Tehven and Karl Hella (Nominees for Secretary), and Roger espeland and Bill Fosmoe (Nominees for Treasurer). Good luck to them all!

Overall it was a great day and an exciting start to the 2012 International Convention! If you aren’t able to join us, I ask you to do two things: first, visit our Twitter feed to see real-time updates from the convention; second: consider being a delegate or guest at the next International Convention (whose location will be determined later today).

Be sure to keep checking back to learn all about what’s happening at the 2012 International Convention!

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