Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Norwegian Experience 2012

Sons of Norway and Borton Overseas are very excited to introduce the latest winner of the Norwegian Experience recruitment contest, Rob Kodalen! Rob and his wife Donna are already having a great time in Norway doing some site seeing on their own before embarking on the Norwegian Experience trip—an eight day Hurtigruten cruise of the waters of Northern Norway aboard the MS Fram! To take a sneak peek of the amazing scenery they'll be seeing, check out the video below.

A member since 1980, Rob has held various lodge officer positions and is a member of Poulsbo 2-44. I had an opportunity to speak with Rob and his wife Donna and learn more about them as well as the upcoming trip.

What do you like most about your lodge?
“Pretty much everything! Not really any one particular thing, the people are incredible and the lodge is very special.”

Why did you join Sons of Norway?
“I was originally from Montana so when I moved to Poulsbo years ago I was looking for a social outlet. I didn’t know anyone and it was a great way to meet people. The first person I met in Poulsbo was a member. The lodge also has a great lounge and the scenery is just beautiful. It was a great place to bring relatives when they visited.”

How did you find out that you’d won the Norwegian Experience contest?
“I was folding laundry with my wife when Dan Rude, our International President, called me. I didn’t believe it was Dan, I thought someone was pulling my leg!”

What are you most looking forward to when you travel to Norway?
“The wildlife! Donna and I have never been to Norway before and the Spitsbergen cruise will have some amazing scenery. This part of Northern Norway is something that not even many Norwegians get to see.”

The contest is open to anyone who recruited at least one new member last year. How many new members did you recruit and do you have any tips to share about recruiting?
“1. As a marshall, I have referred a lot of people, and have recruited quite a few friends over the years, but in 2011 it was just one. Anything is possible! As to recruiting, bring friends and show them what we are all about. Our lodge hosts Friday Night Dinners which are a great opportunity to bring new people to the lodge.”

How is the trip planning going? Are you having a good experience with Borton Overseas?
“YES! Linda is very easy to work with. You just tell her what your interests are and she comes up with all kinds of suggestions. We had no idea initially what we wanted to see, but with her help we were able to plan a great final itinerary.” 

Be sure to check in with us next week as we continue to blog about the big trip, and don’t forget you too can be eligible to win the Norwegian Experience contest! All you have to do is recruit one new, dues-paying member and make sure your name is listed in the “referred by” field. Entries are taken from members recruited between January 1st and December 31st, 2012. Also, remember that you can enter as many times as you recruit throughout the year, which increases your chances of winning!
Spitsbergen from LOS&CO on Vimeo.

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