Monday, February 15, 2010

What does Sons of Norway membership mean to you? Viking magazine wants to know!

Here’s what my membership means to me: As parents of two grade-schoolers, my husband and I feel that sharing our Norwegian heritage with our children is important. Being members of Sons of Norway helps us tap into a wealth of cultural experiences and resources. Our lodge sponsors Syttende Mai festivities, a community midsummer celebration and a festive Nordic Breakfast in December, all of which my kids look forward to each year.

Last year they received Sons of Norway scholarships to attend Norwegian language camp. My kids are growing up as part of a larger Norwegian-American community, with an appreciation for their heritage, which, I believe, makes them more apt to appreciate other cultures as well.

What does your Sons of Norway membership mean to you? Share your thoughts by emailing us at: Selected responses may be featured in an upcoming issue of Viking!

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