Friday, February 12, 2010

The Nordic Siblings: Rivalry and Respect

In this month’s issue of Viking, I’m especially fond of our “Nordic Sibling Rivalry” feature. Writer Sarah Asp Olson did a great job researching the similarities and differences between the Nordic countries, as well as highlighting a few of the countries’ idiosyncrasies.

Asp’s article also details how the “siblings” work together in the Nordic Council, promoting cooperation and goodwill among the Nordic nations. I saw a wonderful example of this same spirit of cooperation last weekend, when I attended the annual Twin Cities Nordic Ball. The area’s Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish folk dance groups take turns hosting this gala event of music, dance, food and Nordic finery. I know that the Twin Cities Nordic community isn’t unique in this way. One glance at the Viking “Up and Coming” event calendar reminds me these concerts, workshops and festivals, celebrating our shared Nordic heritage, are held routinely throughout the U.S., Canada and the Nordic countries.

It’s gratifying to see people of Nordic heritage working together, following the example set by the nations themselves. As Sarah Asp Olson so aptly reminds us: Ultimately there’s more that unites than divides.


Debbie said...

Growing up I always remember hearing about the Nordic sibling rivalry; lol. But I'm glad to read we can all get along.


Chase Squires said...

Hi Erik, we're thrilled to be the home-away-from home for one of Norway's Olympic skiers, University of Denver ... There's a story about him here, with photo. Go Leif!