Friday, February 5, 2010

Fall Blitz Winners

UPDATE: Nichole has a post announcing the winner of the 2009 Fall Recruitment Blitz contest! Take it away, Nichole!

It is absolutely amazing what our lodges can do when they put their mind to it. Why, just this past fall, from September 15th – December 15th, our lodges recruited 1,010 members. What a fantastic growth period – and welcome to all new members that joined during this time.

Both of our winning lodges are from District 3 – Dovre 3-232 (Providence, RI) winning the small lodge category with an impressive 33.33% growth and Gateway to Florida 3-541 (Jacksonville, FL) winning the large lodge category with a fantastic 23.39% growth. They have some great insights to share and you’ll get to benefit from their recruitment and retention know-how when they share their success stories with the Member Matters section in Viking magazine!

For their efforts, both lodges will also receive $500 to spend on their lodge. Next time, this could be your lodge! To get to this point, though, let’s examine what your lodge needs to consider:
  • Recruitment strategies (think FBC sponsored membership dinners, events, asking friends and neighbors)

  • Retention strategies (what do you provide your members? Don’t forget surveys and member satisfaction, combined with great and engaging programs)

  • Resources (what do you need to make this happen)

This is a great time to have these conversations, as lodges welcome new leaders and begin planning for the next year! Take inspiration from Dovre and Gateway to Florida, as well as lodges in your district. Seek out ideas at the upcoming district conventions and adapt them to your lodge.

Congrats again to Dovre and Gateway to Florida, and a job well done to all recruiters during the Fall Blitz!

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