Friday, November 7, 2008

Oslo in 3D

This week we stumbled across a cool new high-resolution map of Oslo. Developed by Sesam, a Norwegian search engine and based on missile-guidance technology, the map looks and feels like Google Earth but has far better 3D images.

The map uses up a lot of bandwidth, so you will definitely need high-speed internet service to use it. You will also need to install a custom plug-in (a mini-application that works from inside your browser). Click here and you’ll be taken to a demo page with a button that says “Installer.” Click that button and follow your browser’s instructions to either run or install the plug-in. The map will then either automatically load, or you’ll have to hit your browser’s “refresh” button.

You can zoom in and out, and also change the angle from which you view the city. This is a “beta” or test version so it does have some bugs, and it does not include street names or a search function. According to this article, the map will one day be expanded to include several other cities in Norway.

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