Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Getting to Know…District Two International Director Bill Fosmoe

Today, Nichole Neuman had a very lively and lovely discussion with International Director Bill Fosmoe about why he joined Sons of Norway back in 1982, what makes his lodge (Bothell 2-106) so darned great and why he likes lutefisk more than any other Norwegian (ahem) delicacy. Enjoy getting to know Bill better!

Q: What was your first connection to Sons of Norway?

A: We had a friend who thought we should join the Sons of Norway and if we did, we should join her lodge, which we did. Actually, it’s not the closest lodge to us, but she convinced us. It’s really a nice organization, and we have a beautiful piece of property. If you ever do come out this way I’d love to show you. (ed: This membership coordinator is more than willing to journey to District 2!)

Q: What did it offer you that other organizations of its ilk did not?

A: I think it was the hospitality of the people in the lodge, and getting involved. When we first got into the lodge, we weren’t able to get involved. We thoroughly have enjoyed working with these people and we have a number of events with which we get involved. You really get to know people and having to work with them is really enjoyable.

Q: What positions have you held within Sons of Norway?

A: Well, I’ve been treasurer for our lodge and building association for a total of ten years, also on board of directors of Trollhaugen for six years. I was on the board of directors for Norse Home which is a retirement home for Scandinavians. Also, district president for four years and district treasurer for six years. Now I’ve been on the board for two years.
I’ve always enjoyed the relationship we had with the home office, too. One of the benefits of being district president is that you get to travel around to the various lodges throughout the district, and it’s great to meet the people.

Q: What compelled you to take on leadership roles?

A: When I retired I had more time than I knew what to do with, so I got more involved. I’ve mostly done the accounting part of it. It’s just something I enjoy doing, getting involved.

Q: What changes have you witnessed since you first joined?

A: I think the biggest change is the personnel at the office, how they’ve turned around to help anybody and everybody. And then the technology – the older people don’t have computers, so that’s very difficult to overcome. And also, the cultural. You’ve done a fantastic job with the culture end of it. And generating new ideas!

Q: What’s your favorite Norwegian food?

A: Lutefisk. I like some of the other things and krumkake, but that’s more fattening. Of course, I was brought up with, on Christmas Eve, for my dad and I to have lutefisk. There’s a lot of food that I really thoroughly enjoy.

Q: Is there a Norwegian holiday tradition you and your family observe?

A: Actually, the only thing we do observe is going to these lutefisk dinners particularly. We usually go out with another couple for a Norwegian dinner on Christmas Eve.

Q: Do you do any Norwegian Crafts?

A: I hate to admit this, but I don’t. Probably the simplest one, which would be reading. I don’t have any other talent….but as far as the sporting end of it, I’m a couch potato.

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