Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Aftenposten English Goes Dark.

In what was stated to be a “cost-cutting move,” Aftenposten announced on Monday, November 03, 2008 that it would be closing its News in English desk, effective Friday. It’s a sad state for those of us who do not read Norwegian, but still carry an interest in the current social, political and moose happenings in the old country.

On the upside, the site promises to keep a searchable archive of their previously published English stories for those who want to relive the drunken moose rampage heydays. For those interested, simply click through to and enter a search term in the “søk” field.

What a great opportunity, however, to take advantage of the Sons of Norway Norwegian-learning resources! Twenty-four hours a day, members can access our online language lessons. For those who wish to continue reading their daily news from Norway, members can get a great start with Sons of Norway’s Norwegian for Reading Comprehension guide, also available in the members section of

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