Monday, November 10, 2008

Back to Normal

Well, things are back to normal this week at the Sons of Norway Headquarters. Last week we played host to the biannual International Board of Directors meeting. The meetings, which occur in the fall and spring of every year, are a great opportunity for all the board member to meet face to face and discuss the pressing issues of the organization. This being the end of a convention year, the board met and discussed a lot of the resolutions that resulted from our time in San Diego this past August.

It was also a time for the District Presidents to get together and talk about issues that affect lodges and ways for districts to work together towards common goals. With four new District Presidents and four returning presidents it sounds like the perfect combination of experience and new ideas to result in good progress.

For the staffers who work at the Headquarters Office, the Board Meetings can make for a very hectic week. You have board members from all over North America and Norway coming together for a few days and they want to make the most of the time. This means their schedules are very full, meeting with staff members, the rest of the Board of Directors and the District Presidents. Typically, for those of us in the Fraternal Department, there are lots of requests for materials and information related to new initiatives, questions about current programs and time spent discussing various issues with the committees that have been assigned. It makes for a very hectic week balancing all these things with our day-to-day job duties, but in the end the stress isn't so bad because it's all for the good of Sons of Norway.

Overall it sounds like the time spent was very successful and International President Dan Rude ran the meetings very well. I haven't heard, yet about what new initiatives have come out of this fall's meeting, but as soon as I do I'll be sure to share.


MJ said...

Sorry we wore you all out. It was great to see you all and get an update.

Sons of Norway said...

No problem. We know enough to eat our Wheaties and get plenty of sleep so it's not bad. It's nice meeting with the board and getting to know the new faces.