Friday, September 26, 2008

WWII Quiz Results

Last week we started a quiz about Norway during WWII and now here are the results:

Q1: The invasion of Norway had a German name. What was that name?

The correct answer for this question was Operation Weserübung and 56% of you got the answer right!

Q2: One of the earliest and strongest statements made by a Norwegian during the German invasion of Norway was "Vi gir oss ikke frivillig, kampen er allerede i gang." Translated into English the quote says "We will not submit voluntarily; the struggle is already under way." Who originally said the quote above?

This one was a tricky one, but 25% of those who answered this question got it right when they chose foreign minister Halvdan Koht as the person to whom this quote is attributed to.

Q3: What was the name of the ship that helped King Haakon and much of the Norwegian Government escape Norway during Germany's invasion?

Great job to those of you, three quarters in all, who chose the HMS Devonshire as the great ship that helped during the escape from Norway. I guess a lot of our members are nautical buffs, huh?

Q4: During Germany's occupation of Norway, King Haakon headed a government in exile. Which Allied Power played host to the Norwegian Government?

Even though the U.S. and Sweden both played gracious hosts to the royal family at one time or another, it was in Britain where the Norwegian Government in Exile was established.

Q5: Norway's experience during WWII had a major ripple effect in Norway's future, eventually causing it to play a larger role in global affairs. After abandoning its policy of neutrality, Norway became a founding member of which organization?

The correct answer to this question was the United Nations. This question was a tricky one because Norway is also a founding member of NATO, however that wasn't until 1948. It was three years before that when the UN was founded to replace the League of Nations, with the purpose of stopping wars between countries and to provide a platform for dialogue. Norway was a founding member after abandoning its policy of neutrality. In fact, did you know that the first U.N. Secretary General was a Norwegian by the name of Trygve Lie?

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