Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sons of Norway Unveils New Mission Statement

As many of you may know, one of the hotly debated issues at this year's International Convention was our Mission Statement. In fact, there were two separate resolutions this year that hoped to adjust the mission statement. Proponents of both resolutions felt that the current mission statement was not in line with our current members backgrounds and that it was too exclusive. The proponents felt that because many of our lodges are located in areas with a large Nordic community we needed to be more inclusive in our mission.

After much debate on both resolutions, the end result was a hybrid compromise that the delegates felt better represented our members and the work we do. So, without further adieu, the new Sons of Norway Mission Statement is:

The mission of Sons of Norway is to promote and to preserve the heritage and culture of Norway, to celebrate our relationship with other Nordic Countries, and provide quality insurance and financial products to our members.

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