Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Election Results: Sons of Norway Board of Directors

One of the most exciting and important parts of any International Convention is the election of officers to the Sons of Norway International Board of Directors. This is one of the things that many delegates and staff members look forward too with great anticipation because the people elected will be the ones who help chart the course of Sons of Norway for the next two years. These officers will work with lodges and members, at all levels, to take Sons of Norway into the future and ensure its viability and relevance today, tomorrow and in the years to come.

So, with that, I humbly present to you the 2008-2010 Sons of Norway International Board of Directors!

L to R: Back Row Ernst Granley (D8); Bill Fosmoe (D2); Sherrill Swenson (D6); Erik Brochmann (D7); Middle Row Jostein Bakken (D5); Elaine Nelson (D4); Barbara Berntsen (D3); Jon Tehven (D1); Front Row Marit Kristiansen (International Vice President); Dan Rude (International President); Audun Gythfeldt (International Secretary); Gene Brandvold (International Treasurer)

The newly elected officers for the 2008-2010 biennium are as follows:
Dan Rude-International President
Marit Kristiansen-
International Vice President
Audun Gythfeldt-
International Secretary
Jon Tehven-
International Director (D1)
Barbara Berntsen-
International Director (D3)

Reelected officers for the
2008-2010 biennium are as follows:
Gene Brandvold-International Treasurer
Bill Fosmoe-
International Director (D2)
Elaine Nelson-
International Director (D4)

1 comment:

Lise Jensen, President in Bergen Lodge 8-013 said...

Hello and congratulation to the new board.
This was a beautiful collection of board members. I especially like that there are so many Norwegian-speaking members. I would have loved to be there - and I would have voted for you all! Now I look forward to see what you will bring the next two years. Thank you for you devotion to Sons of Norway. Make sure to let me (and others) know if there is anything I can help doing.
Good luck to you all - and “stå på”.