Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Norsk Høstfest: More Setup

Well, day 2 was a long one. First we spent much of the day putting the final touches on the Sons of Norway booth in Oslo Hall. The team was assembling displays and tables, unpacking materials to be handed out and making some final preparation for this year's recruitment and retention incentives. There was a lot of activity in getting ready for tomorrow, but I'm sure all the hard work is going to pay off.

Once the booth was completed the team headed back to our hotel to get ready for some exciting events being hosted by Norsk Høstfest. First there was the Governor's reception that was hosted by Chester Reiten, the president of Norsk Høstfest and N.D. Governor John Hoeven. There were probably 100 people in attendance, including celebrities, like country music sensations Bjoro Haland and Charlie Pride, Sons of Norway International President Dan Rude and official representatives from Skien, Norway.

After that, a number of our party went to go see the Beach Boys, and followed it up by attending a reception held by Bache Cognac. It was a great time and a great opportunity to meet others in the Norwegian-American community. On a side note, if you ever have the opportunity to try some Bache Cognac, I highly recommend it.

By the time this last reception was over, we had all had a very full day and it was time to go home and rest up for tomorrow, the first day of Norsk Høstfest. Check back tomorrow to learn how hte first day went!

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