Thursday, July 31, 2008

Norwegian Experience Trip Day 8

What a great day Wednesday was! Marcia spent the first half of her day on a guided tour of Oslo that took her to the Ski Museum, the Oslo Opera House, the Viking Museum and then wrapped up in Vigeland Park! She said “With so much to see, it’s been hard to take it all in!”

First, at the Ski Museum, which was founded in 1923, Marcia and her group discovered a wealth of information about the 4000 year history of skiing. This included historic glimpses at the past Olympics that have been held in Norway over the years.

Next, it was onto Oslo’s Vikingskipshuset (Viking Ship Museum). It was here that Marcia learned about the Gokstad, Tune and Osberg ships, as well as historical information about the surprised Norwegians who discovered the ships on their farms. For Marcia, the most interesting part of the museum was where visitors were shown how the ships were transported from the discovery site to the museum.

Finally, Marcia’s group ended their tour in the world famous Vigeland Park. As they walked amongst the sculptures and statues Marcia “couldn’t help but feel how meaningful all the sculptures were.” It turns out her two favorite parts of the Park were the Monolith, which has drawn tourists for decades, and the Wheel of Life. Marcia said, “The Monolith had such fine detail. It was really amazing to me to be so close to it and see all the faces and bodies. It’s no wonder that its so famous!”

After their walk around Vigeland Park, Marcia and her companions spent the rest of the day exploring Oslo and all that it has to offer. They went to the City Hall, they walked to the Palace and basically took the rest of their day at leisure.

Make sure to check back later for information on how their day went today!

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