Friday, July 25, 2008

Norwegian Experience Day 3

Today was a free day for Marcia and her traveling companions to explore all the history that Bergen has to offer, while getting in some time to shop and wander the city. In fact, there may be no better place in Norway for these kinds of excursions.

Visitors have always been looked after in this Westland city and the Bergeners of today have a long history of hospitality. They are proud of their town and are pleased and delighted to show it off to visitors. There is so much to see and enjoy whether you are coming for the very first time or whether you are returning, as so many do time after time. Nowadays Bergen is small by international standards, but it has always been a meeting place for people and a centre for commerce and culture.

At the same time Bergen retains much of its local character; it also has a very international flavor. There are top class international hotels as well as more modest ones, in the heart of the city or just outside within a short distance from the airport.

As for Bergen's restaurants, these can and do satisfy most tastes and pockets. You can choose for the most exotic to the more traditional dishes from home and abroad. There are high class gourmet restaurants of international repute as well as modest cafes serving popular everyday Norwegian dishes. It is not too difficult to find a pleasant place to enjoy really good food.

In this old tradesman's town you used to be able to strike a bargain and so can you today, which is a pleasant surprise for Marcia as she wanders through the city on a shopping trip. Bergen abounds with all kinds of shops, whether in the city centre or at the large modern shopping malls just outside in the suburbs of Fana, Loddefjord, Åsane and Fyllingsdalen.

When we spoke with Marcia, today, she said, “It was a great shopping day! We started early and went back to the fish market to taste some of the things we missed yesterday and to get more of the things we liked. It was there that I saw what has become my favorite part of the trip so far-gateartist's! There were acrobats and break dancers performing in the streets. It was the most fabulous thing that could have happened to me in the heart of Bergen!

Then we spent the day shopping around Bergen. It was so nice because there was no rushing and I was able to take my time and find some great deals. This trip is the most fabulous thing that could have happened to me!”

Check back on Monday for updates on Marcia's weekend and her trips to Hardangerfjord and Fjaerland!

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