Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Norwegian Experience Trip Day 7

For the most part yesterday was a travel day for Marcia and her companions. She departed Balestrand by express boat, bound for the village of Flåm, just before mid-day. Her route took her through the Sognefjord, which is famous for being the second largest fjord in the world after Scoresby Sund on Greenland, and the largest in Norway.

After arriving in Flåm Marcia had a little time to look around and see the Norwegian village. Most interesting about Flåm is that even though the village only has 500 residents it hosts nearly half a million tourists and receives more than 130 cruise ships per year, including the RMS Queen Mary 2. After a short time investigating the city, it was time for Marcia to embark on the famous Flåm Railway through the Flåm valley, up the mountain to Myrdal before continuing across the “Roof of Norway” to Oslo.

Today, however, was a day to explore Oslo. The morning was filled by a guided tour of the city center, a visit to City Hall and Vigeland sculpture park, and ending with a tour of the Viking ship museum. Her afternoon was free to see more of Oslo and we’ll hear all about it in tomorrow’s post, so be sure to check back!

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