Monday, July 28, 2008

Norwegian Experience Day 4 & 5

This was a weekend full of excitement and travel for Marcia and her traveling companions!

On Saturday morning Marcia traveled from Bergen to Voss and then on to Ulvik where she took a guided tour of Vøringfossen, Norway's largest and most visited waterfall. From there Marcia went to the Hardangervidda Nature Center. From there, Marcia took a a lovely afternoon cruise through the fjords before arriving in Norheimsund and then heading back to Bergen.

On Sunday morning Marcia said goodbye to Bergen and headed to Balestrand. The trip took Marcia and her group through the mighty Sognefjord, by fjord express boat. At the end of their journey was the famous Kvikne's Hotel, a 19th century hotel that is also the most famous building in Balestrand.

Kvikne's Hotel

In the afternoon, Marcia was treated to a private tour of the village by Bjørg Bjøberg, the famous watercolor artist. Marcia had this to say about the afternoon:
"Bjørg was so interesting to meet. She took us through the village and told us a lot about its history as well as current day residents. She was an excellent and knowledgeable guide. The best part, though, was when she invited us into her home so we could see her private studio!"

Sounds like they had a full weekend, but the fun is just beginning! Make sure to keep checking back to read and see more about the 2007 Norwegian Experience winner's trip!


Louie In Seattle said...

What an awesome trip you describe! My heart aches to visit the homeland of my grandparents who were from Bergsagel, Undheim and the island of Aspoy, near Stavanger. All of my brothers & sisters have been to Norway. Time for me to visit!

Sons of Norway and Borton Overseas said...

Thanks for the comment, Louie!

If you are thinking about visiting Norway, Louie, don't forget that Sons of Norway members get a discount from Borton Overseas!