Monday, July 18, 2011

Sons of Norway Foundation Lends a Hand to Minot Flood Relief

As everyone is probably aware, there is a Sons of Norway community in great need right now. Minot, ND has spent much of its summer, so far, dealing with a once-in-a-century flood of the Souris (Mouse) river and the monumental cleanup now that the waters have begun to recede. So far, we are aware of up to 75 Sons of Norway families who have been affected by this natural disaster.

The Sons of Norway Foundation is currently working to assist as many of these families as possible through its Humanitarian Fund, from which $1,000 Helping Hands to Members Grants can be awarded to aid members who are victims of natural disasters, like this one. The grants assist our members in their time of great need, helping them purchase items, like bottled water, groceries and other severely needed supplies to keep them going during the clean-up and re-build.

In true fraternal spirit, the Foundation is calling on all Sons of Norway  members and lodges who can help with this relief effort by making a tax deductible donation* to the Humanitarian Fund.  This will ensure that the Fund stands ready to help with current and future disasters. You may donate on-line or send your checks with "Minot" in the memo line (no cash please) to Sons of Norway Foundation, Att: Minot, 1455 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55408.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks on behalf of the victims who will benefit from your generosity.

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stenjess said...

I am shocked and very saddened to hear of this brutal and cowardly atrocity. There is nothing truly brave or noble in bombing and shooting children.I send my heartfelt condolences to those who lost loved ones - children! I wonder at the mindset of a person who could kill children, but not just children, but children from the same country as the shooter. For a Norwegian man to kill Norwegian children is like shooting oneself right in the heart. I feel sorry for such a being since he must be very, very ill underneath all the "reasons" he had for doing this. I am sending much love to everyone that they find strength to get past this and learn how to prevent it without enslaving the peace loving, reasonable and Viking courageous nature of the Norwegian people.