Friday, July 29, 2011

One Student's Story

Soon after learning of the Oslo and Utøya attacks last Friday, I began to wonder about the students and staff of the Oslo International Summer School. Three of this year's summer school participants are Sons of Norway Foundation scholarship winners, and they were on my mind because I had just finished editing an article about them for the October issue of Viking. Later that day I was relieved to read on Facebook that all the students and staff were accounted for and unharmed.

One of those scholarship recipients is Danielle, an international studies major at Colorado State University. This summer I've been following her blog, Passport to Adventure. In addition to the experiences she shared prior to the events of July 22, this week she's posted some thoughtful reflections on the attacks and the country's response.

This isn't the last you'll see of Danielle. She, along with two other Oslo Summer School scholarship winners, will be on the September cover of Viking. In that education-themed issue, we've created a go-abroad guide for students that gives the scoop on a variety of programs, including folk schools, university study and youth exchange programs.

You can visit the Sons of Norway Foundation website to learn more about their scholarships, and be sure to check out the October issue of Viking, where we'll be profiling the Foundation's work and this year's 27 scholarship winners.

Amy Boxrud is editor of Viking magazine. She lives with her family in Northfield, Minn., where she’s a member of Nordmarka 1-585.

Photo by Johannes Grødem via Wikimedia Commons

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