Thursday, August 13, 2009

UPDATE: Viking Magazine Needs Your Help

I was in an editorial meeting yesterday, discussing some story ideas for the December issue of Viking magazine, and the editors told me that they are in serious need of sources for an article on Norwegian antiques. Apparently they are considering a story on people who collect antique Norwegian items, be it Hadeland glass, porcelain items or hand painted decorations. The editors are especially looking for people who are collectors or who know good places where collectors can find these items.

In an e-mail from the editor, she writes "We’re mostly looking for great finds, stores and markets in Norway. We’d be interested in good dealers and shops in the U.S., too. The story could go a few directions. Most interesting being the idea of an Antiques Roadshow in Norway."

Have you got a story to share? Do you know of a great shop to suggest? If so, I want to hear about it! If not, do you know someone who might be a good source? Tell me about them, too!

I think this could be a very cool article that a lot of our members will enjoy, but in order to make it happen we need folks to come forward before the end of August. If you are a collector, or know someone who is, please e-mail me at or you can call me toll-free at the HQ at 800-945-8851. I know there are a lot of collectors out there, so lets make this happen!

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