Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sons of Norway Highlighted on

I'm working on an interview with our Norwegian Experience winner, Judy Gray to wrap up our coverage of this year's Norwegian Experience Recruitment Contest. In the meantime our membership coordinator, Nichole, has a post about a cool, new website and the efforts of one of our lodges. is a blog that highlights the many ways Americans serve their country and fellow men, whether by large or small feats. Sons of Norway lodges routinely assist in their community (check the message boards for ideas and success stories), and recognized one of our own lodge’s year-round contributions to Ski for Light.

Edmonds 2-130 has assisted with trail upkeep, guiding blind and mobility-impaired individuals and continuous promotion and fundraising for Ski for Light. You can read the full story here, under the title Sons of Norway Serve.

Congratulations to the Edmonds lodge for some well-deserved recognition!

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