Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ski For Light: Beautiful Scenery and the Winded Fraternal Director

It looks like the Ski for Light participants are going to have great weather this week. I just checked the forecast and the highs are going to be in the high 30's all week (even though the current temp is only 1 F). Perfect conditions for skiing, don't you think?

Last night I heard from Fraternal Director and assistant guide, Eivind Heiberg, about his first day on the ground and on the trails. He told me that the location of this year's SFL is absolutely gorgeous. The hotel where everyone is staying has a great view of the mountains and the ski trails, about a half hour away, were the location of the 2002 Winter Olympics. All in all this has made a great impression on everyone involved.

Eivind's first day on the trails were, shall we say, enlightening? Educational? Hmmmm, maybe illuminating is the right word I'm looking for? Yes-I think illuminating will do.

Eivind's first day on the trails was "illuminating" as it offered a rare look into the pride of a Norwegian where skiing is involved. You see, even though he hasn't been skiing more than a few times in the past 10 (or 18) years he chose to assist a guide and skier on the 10k course! The first kilometer being an up hill climb! He was winded, to say the least, but said "when I reached the top of the hill and looked out at the gorgeous scenery I forgot I was even skiing. That made the trek well worth it." Sounds like quite a view to me.

All kidding aside, though, just before I got off the phone with Eivind, I asked him if he had any final thoughts on his first day in Provo? He responded by saying "It's been fantastic! I'm sure this rusty old body is going to feel rough in the morning, but its been a great time. The scenery is stunning, the SFL folks are great and its wonderful to see so many Sons of Norway members involved in the event. I've really gotten a new sense of what this event means to them and how important it is."

Very well said, I think. I'm hoping that as we go through the week we will have more reports from Eivind and other participants, so please keep checking back for more info. Also, if you are interested in learning more about how you can help support SFL, there is a section of their website about volunteering and donations.

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MJ said...

Go Eivind! Maybe you can get a massage to help those poor muscles when you're done?