Monday, July 30, 2012

More Expert Travel Tips

We've got another great post today about tips for traveling to Norway from our friends at Borton Overseas! Last time we learned about planning a self guided tour of the Atlantic Highway, and this time we have an interview with Borton Overseas' Jen Schak about cruise experiences in Norway.

Cruising the Norwegian Fjords
What could be better than waking up every morning by sailing through a beautiful Norwegian fjord, counting the waterfalls as you slowly pass by on your way to a new town that sits along the blue water?
On my Norway cruise we visited Ålesund, Olden, Flåm, Gudvangen, and Bergen over the course of 6 days. I extended my stay in Bergen and flew home from there instead of taking the cruise ship back to the UK, where we originally departed. Check with your cruise line; many will allow you to disembark earlier than their itinerary states.

Type of experience:
Cruise/Land Tour/Active Adventure

Top things to do:
  • In Ålesund, climb the 418 steep stairs up Mount Aksla to reach the Kniven viewpoint. You won’t regret it!
  • Kayak in any fjord you can. Many outfitters provide a grilled picnic lunch if you book a tour.
  • Go white-water rafting in Voss, known as Norway’s adventure capital.
  • Take samples at the waterfront fish market in Bergen and don’t be shy.
  • Ride on the Flåm Railway. The winding ride will take you to new heights.

Don’t forget to pack:
  • A day pack - when you leave the ship for the day you don’t want to have to come back for anything.
  • Water bottle - buying water can be expensive, so fill up on the ship.
  • Water-proof camera to capture the views of the fjords from the water. It’s a great perspective.
  • Small Norwegian dictionary with food and drink translations – with this you can have confidence to dine at off-the-beaten-path Norwegian restaurants that may not have an English menu.

Cruise line:
  • Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines is known for its British flair onboard, and for their Norwegian heritage. The company started in Hvitsten, a small town on Oslofjord in Norway, in 1848 by the three Olsen brothers and remains a family run company today. I sailed on the 900-passenger Boudicca from Newcastle, UK.
Travel tip:
  • Bring your Borton Overseas final document book with you! This handmade book will have EVERYTHING you need in it including where you will go, what you will see, and journal pages. Journal every night before you go to bed, even if it’s for 10 minutes. When you get home from your journey you will be able to remember every town, restaurant, fjord, and person that you visited and met along the way!

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