Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Expert Travel Tips

Often when planning a trip, especially one that will take you overseas, it can all seem so overwhelming. Not only do you have the logistics to plan, but you may also feel stressed about what you want to do while there. You know you have a finite amount of time and don't want to waste a single minute or miss out on anything, right? Well Sons of Norway is here to help.

If you are considering a trip to Norway in the near future, then the Sons of Norway blog has got a great new resource for you! Starting today and continuing over the coming weeks we at the blog are working with the good folks at Borton Overseas, interviewing some of their most knowledgeable team members about traveling in Norway. In each blog post they will share their expertise and insight on a variety of topics, including types of experiences, things to see and do, and special packages available from Borton.

With that, let's start with our interview with Elaine Peik, Borton Overseas' Scandinavia Director.

This past April, Elaine explored an area of Norway for the first time, which is hard to believe because she has traveled extensively throughout Norway during her 13 years of selling Scandinavia. The Atlantic Road zigzags across low bridges that extend out over the sea, linking the islands between Molde and Kristiansund in the western fjords of Norway. The impressive road connects island to island, across eight bridges. The tallest bridge, Storseisundet Bridge, has a dramatic and beautiful curve and almost brings an artistic perspective into the technique of building bridges.

Type of experience:
Sightseeing/Self Drive/Adventure

Tips for traveling to this location: 
Best if done by car so you can stop along the way and enjoy the magnificent bridge structures and architecture.

Top 5 things to see:

  • The bridges of The Atlantic Road, only just finished in 1989, these bridges now connect islands that once took hours to travel to and from by ferry; now it can be done in a few hours by car. 
  • The city of Molde, also known as the City of Roses. Make a stop at the cathedral and the Varden overlook.
  • The fishing village of Bud which was one of the largest between Bergen and Trondheim in the 16th and 17th centuries. 
  • The city of Håholmen, once an old fishing community, is a great area to enjoy the sea.
  • The Norwegian Klipfish museum on the island of Gomalandet near Kristiansund. Take the ferry from the pier in Kristiansund to discover the method of making Klipfish (salted dried fish) and the trade of it to other European countries and beyond in the 1690’s.

Top 5 things to do:
  • Kayaking, fishing, scuba diving, or paddle boarding in Håholmen.
  • Stay at Hotel Håholmen Havstuer. Its location on a nearby island offers beautiful ocean views.
  • Stop in Bud and visit the Ergan Coastal Fort and enjoy the exceptional views over the fishing village of Bud and the waters of Hustadvika.
  • Listen to music in Molde at the annual jazz festival in July. 
  • Visit the fisheries museum on the island of Hjertøya, learn about local culture, have a picnic lunch or go for a walk along guided paths.

How can Borton Overseas help you get there and have a great experience? 
We can help you plan your entire itinerary including flights, car rental, hotel stays, and even pre-booking your activities so you can maximize your time in Norway.

Package: Atlantic Road, Norway 2012

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