Sunday, August 29, 2010

International Convention 2010: Opening Ceremonies/President's Reception

Today was a lot of fun!

I've been to a number of District and International Conventions over the years and the day of opening ceremonies is always my favorite. Not because of the pomp and circumstance, nor because of music and speeches (though they are all very nice and rousing).

The reason this is my favorite day is because for many it is a day of reunions for far flung delegates who have built long-lasting relationships through their time at conventions. Typically Sons of Norway members are not a very "huggy" bunch of folks, but every time I'm at a convention for the first day I'm always surprised and warmed by the site of hundreds of old friends coming together once again. There are smiles, hugs, kind words and the all-encompassing embrace of friendship.

This year, that was especially true at the President's Reception. Just take a look at our Flickr page for the proof.

Ok, that's all for now. Enjoy your day and see you tomorrow!

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