Tuesday, August 31, 2010

International Board Nominations

Ok, we’re off and running for another day of great governance and excitement. As I type this we are kicking off nominations for your next biennial International Board of Directors.

To start, Dan Rude was nominated for a second term as our International President. Mary Bennet from D5 gave a very nice nomination speech, highlighting Dan’s many qualifications.

After that Erlene Stevenson took the podium to nominate Marit Kristiansen for another term as the International Vice President. Erlene chose to focus on Marit’s energy and positivism as our current VP.

Next up was former D6 President, Janie Kelly. When it was her turn, she took the mic and nominated Audun Gythfeldt for a second term as the International Secretary.

Then, in a surprise move, Lynne Rommesmo nominated Roger Espeland for International Treasurer on a platform of 990 IRS compliance. After that, to make is a real horse-race Mickey Andrew nominated current D2 International Director Bill Fosmoe, pointing out his many previous positions of experience.

Looks like so far the race for International Treasurer is going to be the most hotly debated. Keep checking back as others may decide to throw their hat in the ring!

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