Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's Next?

I'm glad you asked.

Oh. You didn't ask? Well, let's all pretend you did. It's really much better for everyone if you had, ok? Good.

As I said, I'm glad you asked. Over the course of the next week I'm going to be posting an interview with International Secretary Audun Gythfeldt wherein he'll talk about the reboot of the SofN Charter and Constitution. I'll also be making an announcement about a new, I mean addition to the Headquarter's Staff as well as revealing the true identities of the people people who make this blog happen. It's going to be illuminating to say the least.

Oh yeah, and there will be a post about Vigeland and maybe even an interview with this year's Norwegian Experience winner. Goodness, it's like sweeps week for this blog. Only without any explosions, guest stars, cliff hangers and surprise endings. So...yeah...I guess it won't be much like sweeps week after all. But it'll still be worth coming back!

So, until then, I leave you with this Norwegian moment of Zen.


MJ said...

Should be interesting. I think I did ask for more interviews. You must have the best job on the planet.

Sons of Norway said...

I can't argue with you--most days I love my job. I mean, how many people get lucky enough to work for a great company like Sons AND have a job where they get to do stuff like this.