Friday, October 3, 2008

Norsk Høstfest: Day 3

Today was very exciting and very busy. All morning we had current members renewing and new members joining so they could get their hands on the two Norsk Høstfest exclusive gifts we were giving away! People loved the cookbook and the autographed t-shirts. Big thanks to Astrid Karlesn Scott and Daniel O'Donnell for helping us out!

Also, I have some great photos for you to look at from Høstfest.

Bjøro Håland sharing a quiet moment with a fan.

International President, Dan Rude and Fraternal Director, Eivind Heiberg meeting Daniel O'Donnell

International President, Dan Rude being interviewed with Daniel O'Donnell for a T.V. show

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Anonymous said...

you just had to put bjøro up, didn't you...?