Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Norsk Høstfest: Day 1

Today was the first day of the festival and the Minot Fairgrounds were hopping with activity. Since this is the largest Scandinavian festival in America, people travel from all over the North America to be a part of the excitement. As I was walking to the festival I passed motorhomes with license plates from all over the U.S. and one thing really struck me-everyone here is so nice! It's about a quarter mile walk from the hotel to the festival and the entire way there I had complete strangers waving, saying hello and wanting to chat when they saw my Sons of Norway polo shirt. It's a great thing to be surrounded by so many people who are all so nice and happy.

The day itself went by very quickly. I met a lot of members from around the world and signed up a few new members as well. Overall, it was a great day for everyone and, in terms of membership retention, the cookbook I mentioned yesterday was very popular! More to come tomorrow!

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