Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cruising the Northern Lights with Borton Overseas

Have you ever wanted to see the Aurora Borealis up close? How about witnessing the sleek beauty of whales or the areal ballet of migrating sea birds? If any of these excursions sound intriguing, then you’ll definitely want to know about the new Aurora Borealis Cruise Including Spitsbergen & Bear Island from International Convention sponsor, Borton Overseas!

On this 7-day cruise, you will explore the natural beauty, the history, and the flora and fauna of the Arctic region, which has been the destination for explorers, researchers, and visitors from around the world. The wildlife viewing is breathtaking: a walrus sunning on a beach or a lone seal on an ice floe; a polar bear bounding across the tundra or taking an afternoon swim. In September you will have the opportunity to see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) at sea and while on land. You’ll leave with a feeling of admiration for those who make this region home, and for those who explored before you!

Over the course of the week-long trip you will visit Oslo, Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen, Bear Island, the Barents Sea, and Tromsø.

To learn more about this amazing journey, visit Borton Overseas’ website by clicking here. If this trip isn’t to your liking, don’t forget that Borton offers nearly 175 ready-made itineraries and endless possibilities for custom journeys! And don’t forget, members who book their travel through Borton Overseas are eligible for a 5% discount!

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