Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dill Lover's Martini

Last week's Viking photo shoot served double-duty. Not only did we shoot three mouthwatering desserts from renowned pasty chef Sverre Sæatre, but we ended the day by getting some photos for our upcoming aquavit feature, which will appear in the same issue. (Note: I said we got photos—not shots—of aquavit!)

Here, food stylists Rachel Sherwood adds some garnishes to a Dill Martini, made with locally produced Gamle Ode dill aquavit. If you enjoy a cocktail now and then, you're definitely going to want this recipe—look for it in our December issue!

Amy Boxrud is editor of Viking magazine. She lives with her family in Northfield, Minn., where she’s a member of Nordmarka 1-585.

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