Friday, August 30, 2013

Moods of Norway Brings New Style, New Store to Minnesota

Today we've got a very special post! To mark Moods of Norway's 10th anniversary and the opening of their latest boutique at the Mall of America, Sons of Norway interviewed Stefan Dahlkvist, one of the founders of Norway's coolest fashion collectives. 

SofN: Please tell us a little about Moods of Norway; how did it begin and what was the original vision?

SD: We were a group of very friends, who liked to dress fun and sharp with attention to detail. After years of international travels and studies abroad we picked up on how people view Norway from the outside. We wanted to tell the exotic tale of Norway in a fashion wrapping. Therefor "Moods of Norway". In this premium lifestyle brand, we combine a true Norwegian heritage with International fashion trends and the outcome is a very new and fresh expression.     

SofN:  Has your collective vision for Moods of Norway evolved over time?

SD: No, the fundamental idea is still the same, but naturally our inspiration for the different collections change with the seasons. We still believe that fashion should be fun, and we love to explore the Norwegian traditions in a more contemporary setting. 

SofN: Today Moods of Norway has such a unique style can you tell us where the company draws its creative inspirations from? 

SD: The inspiration for the concept is the clash between the Norwegian country side (in our case, Stryn) and international hot spots around the world.  

SofN: Last month marked your 10th anniversary. Congratulations! When you, Simen and Peder first set out, did you ever envision the level of success that Moods of Norway now enjoys? 

SD: No, we never thought that we would grow this fast and get tho this level this early, but the vision from the start was clear; to create an international premium lifestyle brand. And we are extremely proud and happy that so many people like what we do.  

SofN: What can you tell us about upcoming Moods of Norway collections? 

SD: The fall 13 collection is called "fiddlers and waltzers" and has clothes for both the "cocktail swingers and the waltzers". We have great items for both men and women both for work and for when it is time to go out on the town. The best way to experience the collection is to come and visit us at Mall of America (142 South Avenue) 

SofN: I’ve read that Moods of Norway creates happy clothes for happy people. Tell us more about that.

SD: We are true fans of a happy outlook in life and if we can help people to feel a little bit more positive through our designs, we have succeeded.  

SofN: Over the years, Moods of Norway has expanded to include a number of stores in the U.S. What has that experience been like? 

SD: The experience has been very exciting and we have learned a lot. In May 2009 we opened our first store in West Hollywood, in Sept 2012 we opened our flagship in SOHO New York and now Sept 6th we will officially open in Mall of America. 

SofN: You are opening a new store at the Mall of America on September 6th. What made you consider Minnesota/MOA as the 3rd and newest location for your boutiques? 

SD: Since we already are represented on the both coasts, now was the time to explore the midwest. With the very Scandinavian feel of Minnesota and given the success of the Mall in Bloomington we think that we have found our perfect fit for our 3rd location. We are truly excited to be able to offer the people of Minnesota a new, unique and fun way to upgrade their wardrobe.

SofN: What kind of experience are you bringing to customers at your newest location? 

SD: We hope to be able to give our customers a truly unique and fun shopping experience.  

SofN: We understand you are running a promotion for visitors to your newest store in the MOA. Please tell us about that. 

SD: Yes, we want to offer our customs an introductory discount of 10% with your first in store purchase. All that is needed is to like us on Facebook and sign up in the Moods of Norway Store (142 S. Aveneue). When signing up you can also enter to win entrance to our very exclusive "really really blonde party" sept 5th, where you can meet the designers of Moods of Norway for a great time. 

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